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This page has some special information on how to complete the Enrolment Form.

​The Prep Ready Reckoner, Par​ent Handbook and the rest of the Enrolment Forms are available at the preceeding Enrolments Page.

Enrolment FormOn Page 4 of the following Enrolment Form there is a question relating to student participation in Religious Instruction (RI).

Religious Instruction
Queensland state schools embrace a multitude of cultural, religious and non-religious beliefs. Under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, schools are to provide Religious Instruction (RI) if approached by a faith group seeking to provide RI and students of that faith attend the school.
RI informs students about the beliefs and values of a particular religion. It is delivered by volunteers of a faith group using instructional materials approved by that faith group. RI is required to be consistent with legislation and Department of Education policies and procedures.
All RI instructors must hold a blue card and participate in compulsory Student Protection and Code of Conduct training. RI instructors are only entitled to deliver the RI program outlined below. A school staff member will be present during the delivery of RI.
Participation in RI is not compulsory. Any student (except Prep students) may participate in RI if a parent has provided written instructions to the school.
Students are allocated to RI based on information provided by parents on the completed Application for student enrolment unless other written instructions have been provided to the school.The school currently provides a comprehensive school based values program for all students not participating in RI and two options for religious instruction which occur in class time once a week.1. Values Program - Students participate in a Values based program in their classroom.If you would like your child to participate in the Values Program, please answer ‘No’ to the Religious Instruction question and leave the next box BLANK.2. Ecumenical lessons (Christian denominations) - The ‘Connect’, Christian Religious Education (CRE) and GodSpace Programs are taught by instructors from the Baptist Tabernacle.If you would like your child to participate in Ecumenical lessons please answer ‘Yes’ to the Religious Instruction question and write CHRISTIAN in the next box.3. Catholic lessons - The ‘Christ Our Light And Life ’ Program is taught by instructors from the Catholic Church.If you would like your child to participate in Catholic lessons please answer ‘Yes’ to the Religious Instruction question and write CATHOLIC in in the next box.

Enrolment form (PDF, 1.5 MB) 

You will need to bring this form and the three from the Enrolments Page with you to the enrolment interview.
Last reviewed 09 March 2021
Last updated 09 March 2021